Professional Drivers Rent a New Tesla Model S

We are a Chicago based progressive transportation technology company, and we believe strongly in the next generation of all-electric transportation.

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Professional Drivers Rent a New Tesla Model S

We are now offering an extremely competitive rates for qualified professional drivers.

"This is the best car I've ever driven. I never want to drive anything else."

- Felipe M. - Greywolf Transportation

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Save $108 per month compared to a New Lincoln MKS

You can charge your Tesla for free at Tesla SuperChargers. If you're driving a conventional Black Car like the Lincoln MKS full-time, then you could easily save $200 per week (or more!) on fuel costs.

No Mileage Limits

We're keeping our program as simple as possible. There are no mileage restrictions. That means the more you drive, the more money you save on fuel costs.

Includes Maintenance, Tire Replacements and $1M comprehensive insurance protection

Our program includes everything you need to get started with peace of mind. There are no hidden costs.

Other options available

Our mission has always been to help advance the adoption of all-electric vehicles. We would love to see you purchase your own Tesla.

Our Vision And Mission

Watts On Wheels focuses on advancing the adoption of all electric vehicles and making city transportation more efficient.

Transportation Sustainability Leader

We were the first all electric transportation company in Chicago. We proved that electric cars can handle the rigorous year round demands of the city. Now, we've got the first reservation app.

Solving transportation problems from all directions

We like to form strategic partnerships to get more all electric cars on the road and help create more high powered fast charge stations in Chicago. Our drivers stay charged and stay connected.

Quality Service

Our EV drivers are enthusiastic and excited to be a part the big change in how we fuel our cities. They will be delighted to give you 5 star service and teach you a thing or two about electric vehicles if you're curious.

That suspension on the car was awesome lol. I feel blessed 2 have an experience with a tesla s. Omg & it made me smile.

- Text message from first time EV rider, Ms. Alicia St. Leger (66 years young) -

Our Car Reservation App At-A-Glance

Simplicity Matters. Right now you can easily reserve either a Tesla Model S or BYD e6 with a few clicks. Just select day, time, and place and your reservation will be immediately dispatched to our fleet. The first available driver will accept your reservation and you will receive instant confirmation via text message. Please make reservations at least 6 hours in advance to have the best chance of reserving a driver.
We look forward to providing you with more exciting options as our fleet grows.

Average Limo Service Rates

Our average limo service rates for a Tesla Model S is $7 base + $3.75 per mile + $0.65 per minute. The BYD e6 can be reserved for $2.75 base + $1.50 per mile + $0.40 per minute. All prices shown below reflect average prices for a Tesla Model S.


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  • Deepa


    I just wanted to write in and say big thank you for managing the wedding transportation for Taha and my wedding- it was an absolute pleasure!

  • Edward Laratta

    Vice President, Central/West Taykey

    You've got the best cars and the best service. I just wish you had more already!

  • David May

    CEO, Audrey Ventures

    Love the idea! Keep going at it. I want to see your fleet grow.

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